About us

Designed by construction professionals
to construction professionals

myPlan.cloud is a professional construction management software developed by Bit Different Limited, a member of a construction company group with Ham-Bau Limited with 20 years of experience and a team of more than 50 construction professionals.

We provide cloud-based solutions for companies in the construction industry with applications for BIM file management, construction site management and project collaboration. myPlan.cloud is used by investors, contractors and engineers to streamline their construction workflows with reducing administrative tasks and minimizng additional costs.

Brief history

The development of myPlan.cloud began with the intention of addressing our own specific needs at the projects of Ham-Bau Ltd. However, as the development progressed, it became apparent that the software had potential to surpass the capabilities of existing market leader solutions. As a result, we decided to establish a cloud-based environment for the software, and founded Bit Different Limited to make myPlan.cloud available to others in the industry.

Collaborative development approach

We are committed to developing the most useful construction project management software available. We believe that the key to achieving this goal is to listen carefully to our customers and take their feedback into account when developing myPlan.cloud. We take the time to understand their unique challenges and pain points, and we work closely with them to create solutions that address these issues directly.

1. Discussion

We initiate the collaboration to address the issues of our customers.

2. Prioritization

We prioritize the outcomes of the collaboration for development.

3. Implementation

The final solution will be implemented into myPlan.cloud for free.

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