But wait a minute… Who the heck is

behind myPlan cloud?

Well, the good news:
myPlan.cloud is coming from the construction industry.

And the bad news:

we just ran out of choc chip cookies.

Please call Angela from the accounting if you have any.

We are also working in the construction industry

And this is very important. The company behind myPlan is not just a bunch of (great) software engineers who found a market gap (is it how they call it?), but we are originally a medium sized electrical construction company – a remarkably successful one. Our name is Ham-Bau Limited, and we are professionals from Hungary.

This is the company logo, and the small text under the HAMBAU string is a Hungarian word, means building electricity.

We started the software development for our very own purposes, and then we saw that myPlan soon became better than the market leader softwares. Long story short: we built a cloud environment, founded the Bit Different Limited, and started to sell the software..

That’s why we know our industry, and know our users (we are also one of them), so we have the knowledge and experience to build the appropriately simple user interface that can be easily understood not just by designers, but also by the collegues working on the site.

Welcome to myPlan headquarters office

The very own office building of Bit Different and Ham-Bau Limited is located in Budaörs, Hungary. It’s an inspiring environment just next to Budapest – and we are looking forward to see you for a cup of coffe. But don’t forget to bring those cookies, please.

And here’s the thing:

myPlan.cloud is always expanding​

He is Bence working on cool new features.
Hi Bence!

Meaning #1

Because of the cloud infrastucture, we can scale up and down our application automatically. It’s also true for your projects: you pay as you go. Your virtual myPlan projects correlate with the lifecycle of your construction projects – which means the size will expand or shrink automatically.


Meaning #2

Our management team actively works in the construction industry and always thinks about new and bright features. We also curious of the customer feedbacks – there are plenty of features that we developed by listening their needs. And of course we have enough pizza and coke for years, so our software engineers are highly prepared for the challenges.

We haven’t got much free time – but when we have we like to make it count.
Our new internal initiative:


We are examinating our ways of helping for the planet, like developing charitable behaviours on company levels, for example donating for tree-plantings, or donating to the COVID-damaged families.

On the other hand one of our side projects is developing and manufacturing an easily installabe and automatically working farming machine which could be avaliable for mass and cheap production.

The sky is the limit, Earth!

Here you can see some of the memorable moments of our experiments of FarmBot: building the raised bed, first startup, transporting difficulities and the warehouse as the new calm and warm place for winter.

You should definiately need to see it when you come for a coffee. Fun and useful!

myPlan.cloud construction software

The best way for getting familiar with a new software is starting to use it.

Let’s take the next step.