Professional plan management software for plan designers

We created a subscription package that includes all the features you need to manage your plans, but we’ve removed some that are only important to construction companies.



monthly per user / project

myPlan.cloud construction software

Professional interface for delivering plans

myPlan.cloud is professional construction project management, task management, and facility management software that is especially useful for companies in the construction industry. With myPlan.cloud, you can easily share and manage your documentation among all participants in a multilingual environment – and much more!

Tailored solutions for designers

BIM viewer

myPlan.cloud allows users to access the latest BIM files and view 3D files without external hardware resources.

Transparent tracking

Everyone on the project can immediately see what revisions have been made to existing plans.

Simpler approval of plans

Each participant sees what needs to be approved and who has approved it so far in a central interface.

Draw-on-plan module

A handy feature to help participants easily understand which part of the plan they are talking about.

Automatic notifications

It is a great convenience in your everyday work that myPlan.cloud automatically notifies participants.

Bulk file uploading

Based on the file name the software can automatically find out which file is the revision of which document.

Built-in translator

The software knows 15 languages and automatically translates the messages sent to each other.

Clear responsibilities

In case of dispute, the software creates a clear situation. The avoidance of liability can thus be eliminated.

Daily backup

Uploaded plans, permits and documents are of great value. myPlan.cloud users can feel safe; we can easily recover lost data.

Project storage
10 GB
Maximum storage
Maximum file size
100 MB
Allowed file types
Document versioning
Online file preview
Complex search module
Notification center
15 native languages
Bulk file uploader
Simple permission management
Approvement workflows
Draw-on-plan module
Bulk file and folder management
Plan register view
Software license
Software updates
Cloud installation
Cloud infrastructure
Web application
Insurance coverage
Automatic daily backups
Customer support
Email support in 72 hrs

What the subscription covers?

All the features above

Every advanced tools listed above plus 10 GB storage are inclouded in your plan by default.

Your workspace

We’ll dedicate your workspace according to your needs. This is were you’ll manage your projects.

Support & Updates

Software updates and new functions are coming automatically to you. Email support within 72 hrs.

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Manage your plans professionally for a price of a coffee. ☕

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