All-in-one solution for
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We made our construction software to get your documentation managed in all the possible way.

myPlan.cloud is a plug-n-play SaaS application, so you don’t need to install anything. Just open a web browser and use the software – it’s that simple as it sounds.

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What can myPlan.cloud do?

We believe that all of the document management softwares should be able to do these basic features.

During the development the main principle was the simplicity.

Simple tree structure

Keep everything organized – folders, documents, revisions, approvements or issue-tickets.

Plan register view

Explore the entire documentation. You can see every relevant information in one screen.

Online preview

Access your related documents anywhere without downloading or storing them.

But beyond all of that: what functions make our construction software the outstanding choice?

It’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Version tacking

Upload a new version (called revision) to a common, easy-to-understand interface, and attach it to the original document. Keep everything nicely ordered, and always know which is the latest and actual revision, eliminating any potential misunderstandings.

Approving plans is
easier with workflows

The software provides a transparent, simple interface for approval processes, where instead of email discussions, each participant sees what items need to be approved and who has approved anything so far via a central interface.

Spot changes and differences
with document comparison

How many times did the designer forget to mark his changes on new revisions? The pain was palpable, but now it’s over: myPlan.cloud will find the differences easily with its advanced document comparison tool, which highlights every changes.

Issue tickets
in myPlan.cloud

Drop the marker on the map, assign the issue or task to a group, take some photos, and relax – you will get the notification when the work is done. You can also further delegate tasks to subcontractors, and collaborate with other teams.

Utilize QR codes for advanced features

Check project status

The QR codes can be scanned by contractors, giving them a clear indication of whether or not they are working by the latest plan.

View install locations

The elements to be installed can be assigned QR codes, and by scanning them, it shows the exact position on the plan where to build them.

Access documentation

When scanning the QR code of an element, you can easily access any information about the element stored in myPlan.cloud.

Are you ready for Mehrsprachigkeit?

(It’s a German word, means multilingualism.)

If you have customers or contractors from different countries – it’s excellent. You are in the process of the international expansion! However, the work becomes much harder with the language barriers. Fortunately myPlan.cloud speaks in 15 languages, so this task is done.

But how does it work?

We distinguish two types of texts, therefore two types of translations are applied.

Professional translators

For software texts, like “logout”, “add folder”, instructions for mass document uploading, or anything else which is part of the myPlan user interface or notification emails.

The Google Translate would work fine for an amateur software, but we choosed to cooperate with a professional translation agency, who employs native technical translators across the globe.

So our wording will always be accurate, starting from the very first interaction with the software.

Google translate

For user-created texts, like the name of a document, or some comments for revision approvements.

If you work on a project where there is a German customer, an English management, and some East-European constructors, you could be in trouble if you wanted to completely understand the whole documentation.

To handle this problem, we built in the automatic Google Translate functionality for the user-created texts to make the work easy. Of course it will never be perfect, but good enough to understand what’s going on, and to find anything you look for in the documentation.

Is that it?
Not even close

Permission management

You can set the permissions allocated to user-roles or specificly to the users. These are basically heritable settings, but you can also fine tune every single folder.


There are some types of alert to keep you informed. For example, you get a summary mail in a daily basis about your approvement to-dos.

Bulk actions

If you recieve a huge amount of plans and you need them to upload, we provide the perfect tools to make the mass uploads easy for you.

Automatic daily backup

We take care of your data with by georedundant solutions without any extra fee. We can recover your data even if you accidentally delete the whole project.

Education & Support

This construction software is simple as 1×1, however we are working on an education material to be sure. You can reach us even with your specific questions.

Visual marks on plan

Leave visual marks for the plan designer. Make your instructions as clear as possible: draw red circles, green arrows, or maybe purple clouds – it’s up to you.

Generate documents

If you have document schemas for specific workflows – like material approvement – you can easily generate a document with your filled data.

Admin insights

Get information about how your subordinates work: what revisions they have seen, what they have uploaded, what their approvement todos are.


We have all the above functions with a lot more features, no-extra-costs policy, and free trial version for a single price.

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