Powerful tool for construction projects

Prevent legal disputes and faulty works on your construction project via a central and transparent interface.

How myPlan.cloud works?

A simple software that is engineered to meet the new industrial standards.

1. Set up your project

Create your folder structure easily where you will upload your plans.

2. Invite your team

Assign user roles and permission for all project participants.

3. Manage your plans

Upload revisions, assign tasks and mark installation elements.

myPlan.cloud top features

All-in-one solution for the success of your construction project.

BIM file management

Manage 2D and 3D files in a simple, yet comprehensive interface. Drag & drop your plans and models into the documentation and preview them right away. myPlan.cloud automatically versions your documents and allows you to assign task and issue ticket to them.

Admin dashboard for managers

Get information about how your subordinates work: what revisions they have seen, what they have uploaded, what their approvement todos are. The software logs all user interactions.

Task and issue management

Drop the marker on the map, assign the issue or task to a group, take some photos, and relax – you will get the notification when the work is done. You can also further delegate tasks to subcontractors, and collaborate with other teams.

Simple plan approvals,
transparent versioning

You can easily approve or decline plan revisions, leave a comment or a drawing for the designer. Keep everything nicely ordered, and always know which is the latest and actual revision, eliminating any potential misunderstandings.


Full access. No credit card required.


of the total project value can be saved

Take control over your profit and
stop burning money unnecessarily!

As a result of transparency, additional work, faulty work, incorrect planning and legal misunderstandings can easily be avoided.

All the plans at your disposal,
whenever you need them

myPlan.cloud mobile app was shaped for ordinary situtations – such as when you lose signal on a construction site.

The application allows you to access the last version of the documentation when you were online, but if you have to work in basement or at a low signal construction area, the next time you go online it will sync all changes for you.

Are you a professional plan designer?
Get started for 1€ monthly!

We offer our Designer plan to design offices, architectural firms and professional designers at a price of a cup of coffee. We achieve to create a seamless channel between professional designers and constructors.

Plans & Pricing

We offer our Designer plan to design offices, architectural firms and professional designers at a price of a cup of coffee.

The precisely prepared and managed plans can be easily implemented by Construction plan users involved in the construction project.






per user / project

The ultimate tool for the complete construction documentation, on-site and task management.






per user / project

Manage and deliver plans for construction projects with comprehensive plan register tool and document versioning.

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