myPlan.cloud construction software

myPlan.cloud has been updated!
The more it knows, the easier it becomes.

The myPlan.cloud construction project management software is launched with a streamlined interface and new, practical features.

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Simplified user interface

The main page of your project summarises the most important information and figures. Depending on your permissions, you may find several new features here, such as a manager reporting interface or installalation elements. We’ve made the document view transparent for all participants, where you can immediately see a preview of PDF documents and a timeline of revision history.

Dashboard before development:

Dashboard after development:

Document view before development:

Document view after development:

Important information

Some features are still only available to project admins (e.g. the management report interface) and new features are also subject to permissions.

Faster and more efficient
document management

We’ve added a number of familiar practices to the folder browser in the documentation to make managing plans and documents even more convenient and faster.

Simplified file upload
with drag & drop function

Simply drag the documents into the desired folder and choose whether you want to create a simplified file addition or a bulk revision upload.

Select files and folders
individually or bulk

By holding down the Ctrl key, you can select multiple files or folders at once and then perform a bulk action.

Quick actions
by right-clicking

Right-click to perform quick actions on any document, folder or group selection.

Important information

The execution of folder and document actions is permission-dependent, so some options may not be visible to all users.

Indication on the plan of the elements to be installed

You can assign a QR code to the items you want to install, and when scanned, myPlan.cloud will show you the exact location where the item will be installed.

Placing a QR code
on the element to be installed

For similar elements, whether it’s a concrete column, a window or something else, it can be a challenge to identify which one should go where. However, by scanning the QR codes placed on the elements with a phone, we can immediately see on the drawing where the element is located, thus avoiding misunderstandings and additional work.

Indicate the location of the element,
status of the installation

You can add the element and its QR code to your myPlan.cloud project and mark exactly where it should be installed on a suitable plan. You can mark individually on the markers whether the item has already been installed.

Scanning a QR code,
setting of permissions

At the construction site, the worker can scan the QR code to immediately see exactly where to install the marked element, reducing the possibility of mistakes and additional work. Users can set the status of the QR installation according to their permissions.

Tip for admins

The function of the elements to be included is available on the main project dashboard. You can set the relevant permissions on the profile page of the selected user.

Management reporting interface

Due to the complexity of a large investment, it is a big challenge for project managers to oversee and monitor the processes. That’s why a management reporting interface is a great help, with charts and key metrics that give you instant visibility of key data, performance indicators or where your project may be lagging.

Get an overview
of almost any statistic

  • number of open tickets
  • breakdown of ticket by groups
  • current statistics on tickets
  • statistics on approval of documents
  • duration of documents under approval
  • documents to be approved per user
We are constantly adding to the statistics that can be detected.

BIM file management

Thanks to a new feature in myPlan.cloud, you can now view BIM files in the documentation. This feature is very handy when, at the request of the investor, we can even show the planned building inside a 3D model. The models provide the viewer with a data-rich, high-level visual experience.

Viewing BIM files
in 3D

IFC files can be saved by the most commonly used design programs such as Revit, ArchiCAD, Autodesk or SketchUp and loaded into the BIM viewer in myPlan.cloud.

Uniquely, we will soon offer the possibility to load other project files such as DWG, RVT, PLN, PLA.

Precise definition of tasks
within the model

You will soon be able to mark tasks within the 3D model, so the team responsible for carrying them out can pinpoint the location of the task much more accurately.

New subscriber packages

myPlan.cloud is now available with two subscription plans: designer and construction.


We’ve created a subscription package that includes all the features you need to manage your plans, but we’ve removed those that are only relevant for contractors.


The Construction package includes all the features you may have already experienced in myPlan.cloud. The full toolbox is available without limits, accessible to everyone involved in your construction project.

Important information

No changes can be made for 30 days after switching your subscription package. For details, contact sales@myplan.cloud.

Organizations instead of subdomains

From now on, myPlan.cloud is available to everyone in one central interface on app.myplan.cloud. Instead of your own subdomain, you can create organisations to which you can assign projects. Organisations can only be managed by their admins, but everyone can have their own organisation. This is handy if, for example, you are invited to a project, but you want to use your own company’s (organisation’s) projects in myPlan.cloud independently of the others.

In the organisation settings, you can enter the billing details, the contact responsible for billing and specify which users can add projects.

Tips for admins

You can access the organisations at the bottom of the project selector. Each organisation can have an owner who can add admins who can create projects within the organisation.