Manage your plans and
BIM models in myPlan.cloud

myPlan.cloud makes BIM models accessible for all users without the need for external resources.

Practical BIM features
that work on mobile too

myPlan.cloud BIM viewer was designed to provide easy access to your 3D files at any time.

Merge multiple IFC models

myPlan.cloud enables you to visualize and interpret multiple IFC files in a central model space, consolidating the work of all disciplines on a single comprehensible platform.

Search and filter

Search and filter models, objects, levels, or classes, displaying only those elements that necessary for examining the model.

Properties & metadata

Select an object from the model and view the properties assigned by the designer to obtain precise information.

X-ray view

By using the X-ray view, you can highlight a specific element in the model space while keeping the rest of the model space visible.

Measuring tool

With a simple measuring tool, you can examine the dimensions of objects and the distances between them based on metadata.

Video tour capture

You can record multiple views consecutively, then connect them into an animation to present as a video during collaboration.

Mobile optimized

No need for powerful hardware or a computer to view models. They are quickly accessible on mobile devices as well.

3D models are now accessible to everyone
through the myPlan.cloud BIM viewer

Accessible on desktop and mobile

Experience a seamless user journey with our BIM viewer, granting uninterrupted access to your 3D models on any desktop or mobile device, without the need for high hardware requirements.

Simple BIM collaboration

Efficiently collaborate with your team, including contractors, designers, owners. Manage revisions, provide feedback, approve or reject plans, and request modifications.

User-friendly interface

Designed with simplicity in mind, myPlan.cloud enables swift navigation and user-friendly operation, making it accessible to users of all skill levels, including limited IT expertise.

Powerful file control

With myPlan.cloud, managing high volume projects becomes easier than ever. It is equipped with the latest technologies that efficiently handle and process large and complex files.

Simplified communication
among all project actors


Professional deisgners

General contractors

Improve your BIM collaboration

Seamless 2D and 3D plan management at your fingertips.