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{avg_emails} mails & calls / day
{avg_minutes} minutes / mail & call
{people} people on project
{days_in_month} working days
{project_length} months project time

{avg_emails} x {avg_minutes} x {people} x {days_in_month} x {project_length} =

{sum_minutes} minutes, which is


working hours

So {sum_hours} working hours...

They are architects, managers, the general contractor, subcontractors, the investor, technical inspectors, brigade leaders…
Everyone who works with plans and issues.

average price / hour: {avg_hourly_price} EUR

{sum_hours} x {avg_hourly_price}

{hr_cost} EUR

burned by wage costs

And here comes the bad news:

This amount is usually the smaller part of the unnecessarily burned money.

Nobody would like to decrease the profit of a project with damages caused by incorrect plans.

For example:
a contractor recieves the plan late, and carry out a 30 000 EUR faulty work, that can be corrected with additional work.

The average loss of a project deriving from plan- and issue management problems:

2.4 %

that is – assuming a {project_value} EUR project – amounts to

{percent_cost} EUR

unnecessarily burned money

Burnt amount in case of project value
{project_value} EUR

approx: {burned_cost} EUR

Estimated price of myPlan.cloud for {project_length} months

in the same project

approx: {myplan_cost} EUR

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