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The ultimate tool for the complete construction documentation, on-site and task management.

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Per project, monthly



Budget friendly plan delivery solution for architects and professional designers.

€1 / user

Per project, monthly

Did you know? With myPlan.cloud
4.2% of the project value can be saved

In case of a construction project with 500 participants and a total value of €58 million, spanning over 24 months.

Est. total cost of administartion and reworks
Approx. € 0

in contrast

Est. total price of a myPlan.cloud subscription
Approx. € 0

We conducted a survey among our clients, and the results highlighted that the transparency of myPlan.cloud streamlines the identification and management of most defects in time, leading to a decrease in the potential for additional expenses and administrative costs. This translates to a savings of 2.4% to 4.2% on the total construction project value.

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Per project, monthly



Per project, monthly



Per project, monthly



Per project, monthly

Compare plan features

Project storage Available storage for your project.
Maximum storage Maximum storage capacity can be increased for €1 / 1 GB.
Maximum file size Maximum file size for one single upload.
Allowed file types Predetermined file types you can upload.
Document versioning Upload a new version (called revision), and attach it to the original document.
Online file preview Open files online without downloading.
Complex search module Search in your project according to filters and other conditions.
Notification center System alerts and summaries.
15 native languages 15 built-in languages translated by native professionals.
Bulk file uploader Each file is automatically uploaded to its folder. In case of plans, you can define the format of the blueprint numbering.
Simple permission management You can set the permissions allocated to user-roles or specificly to the users for each folders.
Approvement workflows Approve or decline a revision, and leave your comments to the designer.
Draw-on-plan module You can leave visual feedback for the plan designer.
Bulk file and folder management Manage more files or folders at once.
Plan register view You can see every relevant information in one screen, approvement status, files - and you can even have an insight to them.
Plan register export Export the plan register with one single click.
QR module for revisions You can check the status of the document with any smartphone.
QR module for documentation Access the documentation of any element such are warranty, licenses, user guide, etc.
QR module for installations You can tag the elements and see its locations on an assembly plan.
Document generator If you have document schemas for specific workflows, you can easily generate a document with your filled data.
Document comparison Easily highlight the differences between two documents.
Issue & task management Delegate tasks to subcontractors, drop markers of issues and collaborate with other teams.
PDF & XLS exports Convert and export approvement workflows, plan register and task details as PDF or XLS.
Custom fields for construction tickets Create custom fields for issue and task management.
Automatic text translation Automatic translation for user-created texts, like the name of a document, or some comments for revision approvements.
Software license Legal license for using myPlan.cloud.
Software updates Automatic updates and bugfixes.
Cloud installation Setting up your myPlan.cloud workspace.
Cloud infrastructure Cloud infrastructure with load-balanced network.
Web application You can open the application with any browser - no installation required.
Insurance coverage Maximum security of your files and data.
Automatic daily backups We are able to restore your files and data if something happens.
Mobile application myPlan.cloud Construction app for Android and iOS.
Customer support Support service for technical inquiries.
Email support in 12 hrs
Email support in 72 hrs

What extra costs should you calculate with?

Introducing a software on company-level is usually costy, because beyond the basic software price there are always a lot of hidden fees like: buying modules, paying for operation and maintainence, educate collegues etc.
But not in case of myPlan.cloud!

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We’re all tired about the extra prices we need to pay for softwares.
We successfully reformed the industry standards with no commitments and no hidden fees.