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Lite Project

Perfect for companies with small projects requiring basic features and cost efficiency.


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Pro Project


Perfect for companies with mid-large projects requiring advanced features and high security.


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Unlimited Exclusive

Perfect for companies with robust volumes requiring dedicated resources with custom terms.


Based on the volume of the projects.


All prices are in EUR and charged per project with applicable taxes added at billing.

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Did you know? With myPlan.cloud
4.2% of the project value can be saved

In case of a construction project with 500 participants and a total value of €58 million, spanning over 24 months.

Est. total cost of administartion and reworks
Approx. € 0

in contrast

Est. total price of a myPlan.cloud subscription
Approx. € 0

We conducted a survey among our clients, and the results highlighted that the transparency of myPlan.cloud streamlines the identification and management of most defects in time, leading to a decrease in the potential for additional expenses and administrative costs. This translates to a savings of 2.4% to 4.2% on the total construction project value.

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Document management

Base storage Automatically increasing by inviting users.
Maximum file size Maximum file size for one single upload.
Allowed file types Predetermined file types you can upload.
Plan versioning Track and restore plan versions.
Revision comparison Highlight the differences between plans.
Online file preview Open files online without downloading.
Permission management You can set the permissions allocated to user-roles or specificly to the users for each folders.
Plan markups & comments Leave comments, drawings and markups on the plan.
Plan register view You can see every relevant information in one screen, approvement status, files - and you can even have an insight to them.
Approvement workflows Approve or decline a revision, and leave your comments to the designer.
Document generator If you have document schemas for specific workflows, you can easily generate a document with your filled data.
Bulk revision management with AI boost (Coming soon...) Plan delivery with structured mass upload, enabling AI to identify documents and revision.
BIM viewer myPlan.cloud makes BIM models accessible for all users without the need for external resources.

Construction support tools

Issue & task management Delegate tasks to subcontractors, drop markers of issues and collaborate with other teams.
Installable elements The elements to be installed can be assigned QR codes, and by scanning them, it shows the exact position on the plan where to build them..
QR module for revisions You can check the status of the document with any smartphone.
QR module for documentation Access the documentation of any element such are warranty, licenses, user guide, etc.
Mobile application myPlan.cloud Construction app for Android and iOS.
Automatic text translation Automatic translation for user-created texts, like the name of a document, or some comments for revision approvements.
Custom fields for construction tickets Create custom fields for issue and task management.
Task management in BIM (Coming soon...) Manage and mark construction tasks and issues on your 3D model.
Manager reports & insights Get information about how your subconstrats work on a comprehensive dashboard.

Security & privacy

Standard security and privacy Secure cloud infrastructure with load-balanced network.
Advanced security and privacy Option for high-end cloud security.
Two factor authentication (Coming soon...) Access your project with extra security.
Blockchain technology (Coming soon...) Your files are encrypted with blockchain technology.
Daily backup up to 14 days Your project can be fully restored in case of emergency.


Plan register export Export the plan register with one single click.
1 monthly export / project
Bulk download as ZIP Export folders and files as ZIP.
1 monthly export / project
Task management export Convert and export task and issue lists as PDF or XLS.
1 monthly export / project
Project activity export Download your overall project activity as XLSX.
1 monthly export / project
Manager reports export Download activities from your manager dashboard.

Training & support

Tutorial videos Support videos for each functions.
Assistance in project startup Free online consultation for onboarding.
Free online consultation Scheduled video support anytime.
Customer support Support service for technical inquiries.
Email support in 48 hrs
Email support in 24 hrs


Yes. Our pricing is scaled based on the monthly user count of the project. This means that you only need to pay for the maximum number of users participating in the project in any given month.

The project cost can be controlled by inviting and excluding users. We recommend excluding users who are no longer needed, which can make the project cheaper in the following month. Excluded users will lose access to your project, but all of their activity and log will remain transparently.

All prices are charged per project without user correlations.

None. We don’t have any hidden fees. Current project cost can be tracked in “Project Settings”.

We offer unlimited storage usage on each project according to our fair use policy.